Testing & Commissioning

Commissioning Management's major goal is to manage and track individual project commissioning operations, which is critical to a project's success. Depending on the project requirements, Address Contracting teams are involved at various stages of the project.

The services begin with design and planning and conclude with paperwork for handover. Our highly skilled staff contributes to site efficiency and value by providing specialized testing and diagnosis services for one of the largest construction projects on the job.
Address for Contracting & Services takes air and hydronic measurements on MEP systems and adjusts flow rates as needed to ensure the building's environmental equipment functions at its best. In addition to the LV and HV systems' electrical metrics. We ensure that the environmental systems within the buildings work at a cost-effective level.

Address for Contracting & Services adheres to international standards and employs calibrated instruments to precisely measure flow rates in MEP systems in order to assess equipment and system performance.

The following are some of the advantages of performing test and balance processes on your heating and cooling systems:

Boost The
Energy Efficiency

Air Quality

HVAC Equipment that
has a Longer Lifespan

Comfort in the

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