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Who Are We

Address Contracting & Services is a team of reputable engineers with extensive backgrounds in engineering, construction, MEP, and energy generation. To improve the performance of construction equipment, our specialist consultants engage in open discussions with the customer to identify essential working areas and critical design needs. To extend the life of a building, cost-effective and value-added MEP technologies are installed.

Our recommendation is to always ensure your projects receive the right scope of site assessments, construction observations, and completion services, based on our years of experience providing high-quality contracting and MEP works in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with multi-industry projects and the least bit stages of projects. We have excellent client relationships, which is why we emphasize the importance of such services to fulfill our company’s main goal: recurring purchases from our major customers.

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Our Story

About Us

What we have always strived to achieve since the establishment of our company “Address Contracting & Services” is to provide exceptional results for our customers while also offering rewarding careers for our employees and gaining a fair return on the value we provide. We are dedicated to exceeding our customers’ expectations by striving for excellence and redefining the standard of service.


What We Do

Our Services

We offer a one stop solution to our customer’s project contracting requirements executing a turnkey project by undertaking consultation, technical study, design & planning, supply, contracting work, installation, site supervision, testing & commissioning, maintenance, and replacement for the entire project.

Our team comprises devoted, trained, experienced, and professional MEP engineers, energy experts, project engineers, and technicians who work together to give tailored and effective solutions to all of our clients.


Consultation & Technical Study

Our consultants provide advice to clients to assist them to enhance their operations, profitability, management, structure, strategy, and quality. Throughout the whole development process, including concept/initiation, feasibility, design, procurement, construction, and postconstruction, our consultants are engaged. To improve the building’s functionality, Address Contracting & Services provides MEP consultancy that analyzes the important mechanical, electrical, plumbing, lighting, and HVAC systems to ensure that all the systems are designed and installed to have energy efficiency and economical feasibility. Our MEP specialist engineers can do complete due diligence and audit and provide the most cost-effective solutions for the property, as well as measures to reduce operational and maintenance costs. According to a complete examination of current infrastructure and recommendations, an effective Building Management System (BMS) is critical for the building’s safety and efficiency, as well as the occupants’ well-being.

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Design & Planning

Our designers have the knowledge and experience to turn your ideas into reality. We can manage both parts of a project from the start thanks to our design services. Using precise floor plans and renderings, we can help bring your idea to life with our designers and CAD tools. We’ll work with you on the layout, colors, materials, and anything else you may require or desire. We’ll see that custom design through to the finish of the build with our expert staff and on-site management once we’ve hammered down a design you like. All of our engineers have high experience in the ?eld of designing and studying project loads through the latest engineering programs specialized in our ?eld according to international speci?cations and internationally recognized codes. In Address Contracting & Services, the MEP systems of a building are planned, designed, and managed. Those are the competencies that an MEP design […]

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Product Supply We support our customers and consultants in the predesign stage, design engineering, technical support, preparation of shop drawings and as-built drawings, technical submittals, obtaining approvals, supply world class products to our customers, right up to finishing, and commissioning the entire system. Supply of world-class HVAC products from globally renowned suppliers We carry various HVAC supplies to serve our customers’ needs in commercial and residential projects. We also offer a large selection of HVAC equipment, replacement and installation parts, and accessories suitable for a range of systems and applications. We are ready to help in locating the part or product that our customers need, contact our customer service team dedicated to helping you with your projects. We Do VRV System By uniting advanced software and hardware technologies for greater energy savings during actual operation and comfortable air conditioning. HMX System We provide engineered products and services that are eco-friendly […]

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Contracting Work

We can finish any structure down to the tiniest detail and the finest finishing touches that only skilled designers would handle. We feel that the smallest details add a lot of charm to a design, which is why we strive to provide our clients with the highest quality and beauty – from the first concept to the final product. Address Contracting & Services offers complete contracting solutions for commercial and residential buildings, group villas, hospitals, shopping malls, high rise towers, infrastructure, and industrial projects, including design, supply, installation, testing, and commissioning of MEP systems such as Electrical, Fire Alarm, Low Current, Plumbing, Drainage, Fire Fighting, and HVAC as per the requirements of Saudi Arabia local authorities. Quality Management System Monitor the status and qualifications of contractors’ machinery, equipment, tools, and technical personnel, and ensure that are on the job at the required time and in proper condition. Documentation and Record […]

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We execute projects on EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) basis in industrial, commercial as well as residential sectors, for our customers in various segments in the Kingdom. To assure project delivery, the Address Contracting & Services team is ready to begin all of its site supervision services. At a low cost, we provide site supervision services. Our supervisors have extensive experience and training. To improve the building’s functionality, Address Contracting & Services provides MEP consultancy that analyzes the important mechanical, electrical, plumbing, lighting, and HVAC systems to ensure that all the systems are designed and installed to have energy efficiency and economical feasibility. Our Installation Services are: New Installations? System Upgrades? Replacement Parts & Components Servicing & Maintenance? All Types of HVAC equipment including VRV/VRF/DVM system

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Site Supervision

Our Site Supervision Services are: Quality Inspection Our supervisors inspect the health and safety of the workers and ensure that everything complies with the Chicago Building Code. Flawless management Our supervisors have a lot of expertise and know-how to run a project smoothly. They direct workers and contractors to ensure that proper progress is made. Timely Completion Supervisors oversee material delivery, personnel, and dispatchers to ensure that the project is completed on time.

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Testing & Commissioning

Commissioning Management’s major goal is to manage and track individual project commissioning operations, which is critical to a project’s success. Depending on the project requirements, Address Contracting teams are involved at various stages of the project. The services begin with design and planning and conclude with paperwork for handover. Our highly skilled staff contributes to site efficiency and value by providing specialized testing and diagnosis services for one of the largest construction projects on the job. Address for Contracting & Services takes air and hydronic measurements on MEP systems and adjusts flow rates as needed to ensure the building’s environmental equipment functions at its best. In addition to the LV and HV systems’ electrical metrics. We ensure that the environmental systems within the buildings work at a cost-effective level. Address for Contracting & Services adheres to international standards and employs calibrated instruments to precisely measure flow rates in MEP systems […]

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Maintenance & Replacement

The finishing works and renovations segment of Address Contracting & Services comprises a variety of services. As a result, the client can take advantage of a fully integrated and multi-service offer. By creating a thorough understanding of your individual property and demands, the professional engineers at Address Contracting & Services will strive to guarantee that all of your MEP existing systems are in proper operating order. The services provided are intended to guarantee that preventative and corrective actions are done at the right times. When it comes to maintaining these systems, you must make sure that everything is working properly. This can assist to lower the chances of a system failure, which might cause serious damage to your house or business. We also undertake annual maintenance contracts, supply spares, provide comprehensive HVAC services to existing systems, install and maintain all the HVAC products and projects in the Kingdom. our target […]

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Our Work Scope


Our team comprises devoted, trained, experienced, and professional MEP engineers, energy experts, project engineers, and technicians who work together to give tailored and effective solutions to all of our clients.

HVAC Works


Electrical Works


Plumbing & Drainage Works


Energy works


Fire Fighting & Alarm Systems Works


Finishing Works


Intending to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for our employees, we have adhered to OSHA standards by educating and training employers and employees to monitor and comply with necessary policies and guidelines.


We believe that the safety of its employees and all stakeholders associated with the Company’s project sites and manufacturing facilities is of utmost importance.

Our Clients

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One of the best things about working with us, according to our clients, is that we can adapt to the business needs and information flow of the organizations we work with, allowing us to provide value and services at every stage of the design process.

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